Cars are amazing, plain and simple.  Sure, they get most of us from A to B with minimal hassle and nothing more. But to a few of us, cars are what make the A to B worth the drive, worth the adventure.  They are more than simple transportation, they are more than the nuts and bolts that hold them together, they are a passion.  This passion is what led me to create this site to help people find the right car for their needs, write about cars, and share the joy of driving cars.  I’m not an aspiring F1 driver (but I have done a few track days) and I’m not a certified technician (but I have spent some time under the hood), what I am is a self proclaimed car nut, the guy who will talk for days about cars and the guy who will stop a conversation to hear the sound of a car as it flies by.  If you are reading this, chances are you are the same way, so welcome to The Joy of the Drive.

The Author

Pete Abernethy has been a car nut from the very beginning.  There is video evidence of his obsession with wheels in the toddler years, and as soon as his height permitted, he was driving the family Land Cruiser around empty parking lots and family land whenever possible.

After owning a 2001 Toyota 4Runner through college and emptying the bank making it even more capable off the beaten path, he decided that the tarmac was calling and traded up to a (somewhat) stock 2006 Subaru STI.  After 5 years of STI ownership and countless grin inducing highway merges, the beloved rally rocket made way for a more grown-up 100 series Toyota Land Cruiser, which to this day hauls anything he throws at it.


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