Contact the author at or below to talk about your car buying needs.  We’re independent and not associated with any dealerships or manufacturers so we can give you unbiased advice on which car will best suit your needs.  We’re located in Boston and have relationships with dealers in the area to get you into the right vehicle.  Not only that, but we just plain love giving advice on cars, so we’re happy to talk whether you’re buying a Ford or a Ferrari.

We work with individuals as well as corporations looking to help their employees with car buying questions and general automotive related decisions.  We can perform in-house seminars to educate employees on the buying process in addition to setting up individual consultation sessions for those looking for specific help with their car search.


We can be as involved as much or as little you require, so contact the author to discuss a pricing structure that works for you.  We’re willing to put a package together that makes sense for everyone and makes you comfortable with your purchase.

Pricing for corporations/educational institution seminars and consultation sessions available upon request, please contact the author below.



“Pete saved us! After an unfortunate accident before the holidays, we found ourselves in desperate need of a new vehicle. Since we live in Vermont, we have always wanted a reliable truck to get us through the winter months. Pete jumped to and immediately provided us with multiple options – not only sending us the cars’ info, but also adding his very helpful insight on each one.

The 2005 Toyota Tacoma that he found us was located in Massachusetts – 3.5 hours away from us in Burlington, Vermont. Pete went out of his way to go take the truck for a test drive. Once he gave us his approval, he then negotiated the price for us.

After getting us a fantastic price, we drove down the following day. Pete once again went out of his way and drove back out to meet us to make sure the deal went through smoothly

All in all, Pete made what is usually a very stressful process the most painless and effortless experience we have had.

Pete knows how to make car shopping fun!” – Rhea B./Nat A. Burlington, VT

“Joy of the drive was an incredible resource for me during my search for a dependable used vehicle.  Pete is very knowledgeable and provided specific information that allowed me to make an informed and smart decision.  I felt great when I finally pulled the trigger and purchased a used 2006 Subaru Forester.  Joy of the drive guided me through the entire car buying process and then followed up with me after I had made the purchase to ensure that I would get the most out of my new vehicle while saving money at the same time.  Great service, reliable information, and well worth it to consult with Joy of the Drive for any auto related inquires!” – Wiley C. Burlington, VT

“We needed a “preowned” or what we used to call a “used” 4 wheel drive vehicle for the family summer house. One that could take the back roads and the beach sand for fishing and picnics and trips to the dump. What Pete found for us was a beautifully maintained Toyota 4 Runner. Though the odometer might have scared some buyers, we were assured it was just getting the kinks out and it looked and drove as if it were brand new. At least 14 of the family members have driven it and all have been impressed.” – Carolyn A. Stamford, CT

“I have to say that having Pete find a perfect car was so delightful. All I had to do was get to Boston from Nantucket and Pete was waiting at the airport and off we went to get cashiers check and off we went to get the car. He had already checked it out and it was perfect ! I signed the papers, gave the check to the owner and then got to the Registry of motor vehicles and got the license plates. And after a quick lunch, I drove off in the new  used car.   Everything worked so perfectly and the car is just great. Quickly got it inspected and so far everyone really likes it. It was the easiest  way to get a car that I ever had. Thanks for helping me.” – Lois S. Nantucket, MA

“Knowledgeable, quick to reply, and did I mention knowledgeable? This guy knows more about makes and models of new and used cars than many mechanics out there. His passion shows through in his thorough and thoughtful answers to all of our questions — which he responded to within an hour. As someone who classifies herself as “not a car person” looking for a new car, Pete equipped me with the right questions to ask, which points I could use to negotiate a lower price, and helped to put my mind at ease.” Caitlyn H. Nashville, TN

“For ten years I have wanted a truck but could never justify it. Thankfully, when I finally decided it was time to move on from my reliable Subaru Outback and finally get that long desired truck, Pete helped me pinpoint exactly which one I wanted. Pete helped me find a make and model that would last, was affordable, but fit my needs as a commuter and wanting to tow boats. Even though he is 3,500 miles away, he took the time to test drive the possible contenders and was always available to talk prices, negotiation tactics and which bells and whistles to aim for. While a last minute change on my part lead me to purchase (spur of the moment might I add) a 2014 Toyota Tacoma rather than the 2016 we discussed, his knowledge and expertise with cars, trucks led me to a very enjoyable car buying experience! Thanks Pete!” Annie S.  St. Petersburg, FL

“Joy of the drive was the best resource I could imagine utilizing when looking to purchase a vehicle.  Pete and his vast knowledge of cars and the car buying process provided a wonderful service for those who are lucky enough to find him. He gave me great comfort and relief in the short time I had to buy a car. I felt confident the whole time that Joy of the drive would suggest the make, model, and year that would best fit my needs. Pete actually came out and helped me test drive and negotiate a great deal that I would not have been as confident doing without a knowledgeable professional by my side.

When I finally purchased a used 2007 Toyota 4Runner, I knew that I was getting a great car for me and my family. I knew that because Joy of the drive took the time to discuss different options and explained to me the reasons why it would best suit both my lifestyle and budget.  I also knew that the car was up to the standards of Joy of the drive and that gave me a piece of mind that I definitely would not have had without Pete’s assistance.  Pete followed up with me after I had made the purchase to ensure that the car was still up to my standards and that I was happy with it.  Joy of the drive exceeded all of my expectations and I would never shop for another vehicle without their help. Thanks again!” Seth Y. Boston, MA

“For many people, buying a car is the biggest purchase they will make in years.  When it was time for me to retire my old car, I went looking for a vehicle that I would be confident driving for the next decade and beyond.  Fortunately, contacting The Joy of the Drive made my search so much easier – and fun!  

Pete was patient, responsive and extremely knowledgeable in taking the time to consider my long list of likes and dislikes, must-haves and must-not-haves.  Pete really stuck with me for many months of hemming and hawing when I know most people in his shoes would have moved on.  Eventually, after keeping me in contact with possible leads nearly around the clock, including hours on the phone, many exchanged emails and even an afternoon browsing the latest and greatest models at the nearby auto show, together we found the perfect vehicle.  I cannot say enough how pleased I am to have worked with someone who genuinely wanted to find not a just any car, but the right car for me.

There really is no substitute for honest feedback and Pete took the time to explain what should concern me or what should give me confidence in searching for the right used car.  I do not hesitate to recommend The Joy of the Drive to anyone I know who owns or is looking to own a car.  Knowledge is so valuable in the used car space and Pete has a lot of that to offer.  Even so far as wheels, tires, breaks or lighting, I know Pete will give me the feedback and steady guidance I can count on to keep me and my car happy.

Thank you very much from one very happy customer!

– Chris, Boston”


I am the Director of Financial Services of a financial coaching and counseling nonprofit for families with low-income. Pete has been working with our organization and our clients for almost two years. He goes above and beyond EVERY TIME! Clients often send us thank you notes or emails for connecting them to Pete. Here’s an example: “Thank you for referring me to Pete. I got into a car accident and it wasn’t my fault but I lost my car due to bad damages. You referred me to Pete and he was so helpful. He came at the right time when I needed to consult someone about buying a new car. I now know what I am looking for, how to talk to car dealers,  Thank you so much!” Pete is just an all-around great person with integrity. He takes time to listen to your car issues, and tailors his advice to your personal situation, not what he thinks you should want or need. At the same time, he also steers you in the right direction in terms of cost and reliability. He knows a ton about cars because he is truly passionate about them, and he brings that same passion and dedication to his clients! After housing costs, transportation costs are usually the second largest expense in a family’s monthly budget. We and are clients are so fortunate to have Pete on our side!



The Joy of the Drive draws upon its experience in the automotive world and extensive due diligence in investigating and reviewing the performance of automobiles it writes about on its website.  For customers who use The Joy of the Drive to locate and recommend specific vehicles for purchase, it uses these same resources as well as focused investigation of the particular vehicle and its seller before it makes any recommendation.
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