150K mile check in : Toyota Land Cruiser

These days, consumers are all about the next best thing.  The next phone, the next computer, the next car, and that means that some vehicles with plenty of life left are getting traded in for the latest and greatest.  Chief among these long lasting leviathans is the Toyota Land Cruiser, and yours truly just happens to own one with 155k miles on it, and guess what, it still runs!

Yes, you heard me right, my 155k mile, 10 year old car still runs like a top, and the world deserves to know how it is holding up because all too often, perfectly good cars are cast aside, destined for the auction block.

To be clear, is the ol’ Land Cruiser perfect?  No, but at 10 years old it’s about as close as it can be.

However, everything that’s important and crucial to the everyday function of the vehicle is working just as it should.  The engine runs like new, the suspension still feels great, the brakes (recently serviced) stop it on a dime and the transmission has no problem moving those cogs despite the hefty load of the LC.  The rattles are almost nonexistent and it still feels tight as a drum despite a decade in the world and the equivalent number of miles to circling the globe over 3 times.

The imperfections are minimal.  There are some dime sized sings here and there, a little rock chip in the glass that looks like it might spread if I cough on it hard, but aside from that and needing a vacuum, I’d personally jump in this truck and drive it to the southern tip of South America tomorrow without a moments hesitation, that’s how much confidence I have in it.

The point of this check in come rant?  No, it’s not for me to say look at how awesome my truck is (but hey..it kind of is).  It’s about getting consumers to wake up and realize that some cars will LAST if you put in the time and energy to maintain them and show them the TLC they deserve.  To be fair, there are plenty of vehicles out there that simply aren’t made to last long, but if you do your research and buy the right vehicle, you could find yourself owning a vehicle for a lot longer than the average owner, and that’s not only a point of pride, but also something that could keep a little bit more money in your pocket.

Picture of said Land Cruiser



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